CATCH is a private outpatient therapy centre located in the Central London area of South Kensington. We provide evidence-based, high quality treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as behavioural addiction and related mental health issues.

We have over 40 years of experience in treating addiction with a complex programme which includes medical detox and therapy, all based on the 12 Step philosophy.

CATCH Recovery is part of a network of leading rehabs under the Castle Health group. This includes highly respected and established residential rehabs across the UK: Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland.

We offer both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services. We aim to support each patient every step of their recovery – from initial assessment to detox, therapy and continuing aftercare. 

What We Treat

At CATCH Recovery we have a team of addiction specialists that support our patients throughout their treatment programme. They have wide experience in successfully treating drug addiction, alcohol addiction and behavioural addictions such as gambling and dual diagnosis 

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe treating an addiction alongside a related mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder

Finding a Medical Detox Near Kensington & Chelsea

People dealing with substance use disorders usually suffer from the physical effects of withdrawal from using drugs and usually require a medical detox before they can begin further treatment. 

While there are free services available in Kensington and Chelsea, these organisations do not have the right funds to provide the same level of care as private, residential rehab. People tend to be put on long-waiting lists for NHS funding. 

At CATCH Recovery we support patients who require detox in accessing residential rehab services which are much more suited for their safety and long-term recovery. We refer patients to start their detox process at one of our clinics: Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland.

On arrival at one of our clinics, patients receive a thorough medical assessment which helps us get a better, overall understanding of their illness which will then inform the way we set-up a bespoke recovery plan, tailored to each person’s individual needs.  

Addiction Therapy Near Kensington & Chelsea

CATCH Recovery’s outpatient addiction programme treats addiction by using several specialised therapies: 

  • Individual CBT therapy helps the patients explore unhealthy thought patterns, triggers that lead to addiction, mental health issues and learn new coping mechanisms.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy supports patients in managing painful emotions and developing healthy behavioural skills.
  • Group therapy meetings exploring similar experiences and coping mechanisms.
  • Family therapy helps members rebuild damaged relationships by openly sharing their feelings of shame, hurt, and anger.
  • Complementary therapies like mindfulness and recovery yoga.

At CATCH Recovery, we medically assess each patient and then tailor the treatment programme and therapy sessions to tackle individual needs and diagnosis. We also cover related mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD, all of which will need to be addressed in therapy for a successful, long-term recovery.

Our team of highly qualified addiction specialists guide clients with kindness and compassion every step of the way in order to ensure they overcome their addiction and build a happy life.

Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab

At CATCH Recovery we provide personalised care plans based on the patient’s medical history and their specific needs.

Inpatient Treatment

Some patients might need long-term treatment so we recommend inpatient care that is fully residential at one of our rehabs in Scotland or Ireland.

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential care in a private facility guarantees the best success rates and quality of care.

Residential rehab requires the patient to stay at the facility full-time for the duration of their recovery programme, from 4 weeks to longer, based on regular assessment of the severity of their addiction and their recovery progress. 

Inpatient treatment is the most intensive form of alcohol and drug addiction treatment as it enables the patient to follow a daily routine of attending therapies, meetings and recovery activities. With regular meals and daily exercise, the programme’s structure accelerates the patient’s physical and mental healing process.

Residential treatment provides around-the-clock care. This is particularly recommended for people who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms and need medically supervised detox. At Castle Craig clinic we have a team of Consultant Psychiatrists, on-site doctors and nurses that oversee the patients 24/7 and ensure a safe and comfortable detox.

Outpatient Treatment 

Outpatient care is suitable for patients who have already been through residential treatment or do not suffer from severe levels of addiction.

When enrolled at CATCH Recovery outpatient clinic in London patients stay at home or in a sober-living house, while attending regular therapy sessions several times a week. In outpatient care, people can continue to live at home and go to work, depending on the level of support they require.

Outpatient rehab is a type of treatment programme ideal for people who are unable to commit to a residential stay. However, the flexibility it offers, outpatient care is not considered an appropriate course of treatment for people who have struggled with substance abuse over a prolonged time. 

At CATCH Recovery London patients are constantly supported by a team of experienced, accredited therapists.

Medical Detox

There are many benefits for private, residential rehab. For example, the detox phase of recovery is better managed by being supervised by on-site, 24/7 medical staff that check detox doses and can adjust gradually to ensure the patient’s safe and comfortable detox. Such detox services are offered at our clinic Castle Craig in Scotland.

Furthermore, the clinic is far enough from London to provide a change in scenery and a transformational shift in mindset by learning new life skills in therapy.


Castle Craig is located on a 51-acre estate near Edinburgh, surrounded by beautiful hills and lush woodland. Patients benefit from a peaceful atmosphere in which they can focus on their recovery. They have access to the Castle’s estate that includes gardens, trees and several animals: alpacas, horses, pigs and Hebridean sheep that live on the grounds. Our fitness instructor organises regular walks in the area.


Our staff are highly experienced, accredited therapists. They are passionate about their work and many of them have been through their own recovery.

Both at Smarmore Castle and Castle Craig we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists that meet regularly to discuss patient cases in order to make sure that each patient’s personalised addiction treatment programme is constantly.

How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Treatment Last?

The duration of addiction treatment depends on several factors.

Depending on the severity of the patient’s addiction, if patients have any additional needs or co-ocurring conditions like eating disorders or other mental health issues, these needs have to be addressed in treatment.

Another factor is the need for medical detox. Patients who require detox will spend five to seven days in the intensive care unit, followed by a minimum 28-day rehab programme of therapy, where they consolidate their life-long recovery.

After the initial assessment, once CATCH Recovery consultants have gathered all the relevant medical information, they will be able to recommend a programme length tailored to the patient’s specific needs. The standard recommendation for long-term recovery based on medical research is that patients spend at least 4-6 weeks in residential rehab.

Getting to CATCH From Central London

  • By plane

CATCH Recovery is located in South Kensington London, only 40min drive away from Heathrow Airport, 1h away from Luton and Gatwick and 1h and a half drive away from Stansted.

  • By car 

CATCH Recovery is located at a c. 15 min drive from Kensington and Chelsea.

  • By tube 

You can reach us easily by tube as South Kensington station is on the Piccadilly, Circle and District lines.

Give us a call on 0203 468 6602 to set up an appointment. We are located at 33 Thurloe Place in South Kensington.

Looking Beyond a Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Kensington & Chelsea

One of the main benefits of travelling further for rehab at our clinics in Scotland and Ireland is that patients can stay away from the city and their local environment where they are exposed to their usual triggers of abusing alcohol or drugs.

Distancing oneself from familiar surroundings and triggers can be daunting, but is an essential step in reducing the desire to use or engage in unhealthy behaviours.

By travelling to one of our clinics Castle Craig in Scotland or Smarmore Castle in Ireland, patients from Kensington and Chelsea area suffering from addiction are given the opportunity they need to fully commit to long-term recovery and sobriety.

Through our comprehensive addiction programme we treat the person as a whole, which means we take care of both their physical and emotional well-being through setting a healthy daily routine of therapy, psychoeducational talks, nutritious meals, exercise and recovery activities.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Statistics in Kensington & Chelsea

Wealthier boroughs of London, like Kensington and Chelsea are reported to have rising numbers in the use of crack cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, alcohol and prescription drugs are prevalent in the area as a result of being close to several local hospitals like The Royal Marsden Hospital and the Royal Hospital Chelsea.


Can I Get Funding for Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Kensington & Chelsea?

There are certain cases when patients are eligible to apply for funding from their local NHS authority. However, we must warn  that this process is often lengthy and is not an option for everyone.

We encourage you to contact us at CATCH Recovery London where we can explain treatment options and help you find the best one for you.

Can I Go Through Rehab as an Outpatient?

Yes, CATCH Recovery London is an outpatient day rehab for people with less severe addictions or for patients who are unable to attend residential rehab. Call us on 0203 468 6602 or fill in our contact form to see how we can help.

How Do I Know if I Need Rehab?

You shouldn’t wait to hit ‘rock bottom’ before you seek help. As a matter of fact, chances of recovery increase exponentially, the earlier you begin addiction treatment.

People who access addiction treatment are in different scenarios: you might be very concerned about your own drug or alcohol use and behaviour or your loved ones may have reached out to express their concern over your state.

If you are unsure whether you need help or not or you are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, we can help. Call us on 0203 468 6602 or fill in our contact form.

What Are the Free Alcohol Rehab Resources in Kensington & Chelsea

There are several AA meetings in the area, as well as free addiction treatment services available through the local authorities. Please find a few examples below:

What Are the Free Drug Rehab Resources in Kensington & Chelsea

A list of free drug addiction support local services for Kensington and Chelsea can be found here:

Alternatively, paying a visit to a local peer-support group, such as Narcotics Anonymous, is a good start as well.

How Can I Get a Fast Drug Detox in Kensington & Chelsea?

The best way to start recovery quickly and get access to detox facilities is through self-referral or private medical insurance funding.

To learn more about addiction treatment options and detox in Kensington and Chelsea, please contact CATCH Recovery London. Our consultants will answer any questions and guide you through the quick admission process.