When you are attending an outpatient addiction rehab programme at our CATCH Recovery facilities, you continue to work and live your life normally. Depending on your needs, outpatient treatment is an ideal way to ensure you receive the right therapeutic tools to help you stay in recovery from addiction or find your way to recovery.

Advantages of Outpatient Treatment are convenience, flexibility, affordability and personalisation

Outpatient rehab therapies we offer:

CATCH offers individual therapy such as CBT, DBT, EMDR and 12 Steps, Group Therapy as well as Specialised Therapy for process addictions, grief and trauma upon request

CATCH Recovery Specialisations

CATCH Recovery addiction programmes offer treatment and support for various dependencies and mental health disorders. During these treatment programmes, you may attend group or individual therapy and specialised therapies.

Our staff are experienced, qualified, and world-renowned specialists who strive daily to help clients overcome their addiction and build a better and happier life full of meaning. At CATCH we treat patients with a primary drug and alcohol addiction, but we can also treat secondary disorders such as anxiety, depression, and process addictions.

At CATCH Recovery, we assess first and then shape your therapy sessions around your diagnosis and assessed needs.

Specialisations at CATCH are treatment for addictions for alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming and cryptocurrency, internet and social media, sex, porn, chemsex, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and trauma and we work with the LGBTQ+ community

Our experts speak a multitude of different languages including English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

If you want to find out more about the support we provide, call us today to discuss the proper treatment option for you. We know the recovery process is a lifetime commitment, and we are here to help you along the way to find strength and avoid relapse.


What Programme Should I Choose?

Outpatient rehab programmes can vary in length, from a few weeks up to several months, depending on how much support you need. You benefit from personalised outpatient rehab therapy during the treatment programme, according to your assessed needs and recovery goals. If you are unsure which programme is the one for you, a member of our team will be happy to discuss different options that might suit you.

Advantages of Outpatient Treatment are convenience, flexibility, affordability and personalisation

Why Is Outpatient Cheaper Than Residential Rehab?

Outpatient care comes at a lower price point than inpatient care, as it is not intended for people with complex addictions and physical or psychological complications. You save on the costs of 24/7 monitoring by nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, medical programmes, medical detoxification, accommodation, food and facilities. The programme is much less intensive – rather than a full day of therapeutic activities, you can fit therapy sessions and groups around your daily life.

Why Choose CATCH Recovery

CATCH offers a safe and confidential setting and our goal is to to help you get through recovery and maintain a sober lifestyle

Finding the best-suited treatment centre can be challenging, the options are often overwhelming.

At CATCH Recovery, we have a caring, experienced team of professionals who can guide you through the rehab options available – assessments, outpatient rehab in person or online, inpatient rehab, and continuing care. CATCH Recovery offers support for those who want to begin their recovery journey as well as those already on it.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, give us a call and talk to one of our team members who can explain all the options to you.