What is Telehealth at CATCH Recovery?

Telehealth refers to online health or therapy consultations that take place on Zoom or similar platforms such as Skype or MS Teams. CATCH Recovery offers Telehealth services to people who prefer not to or cannot travel to our clinic in London for therapy for addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and other co-occurring disorders.

For some people, travel can be a barrier to seeking help. With CATCH Recovery’s Telehealth services we can help you break down this barrier and offer a way to begin your treatment online.

Telehealth has been designed to offer you greater flexibility and fit in around your daily life and responsibilities. Telehealth can be as intensive as fits your needs, plus it also costs less than a residential programme, so it can save travel and the expense of inpatient treatment. If you are choosing remote outpatient services from our clinic, you can expect:

  • A full assessment at the beginning of treatment
  • To attend counselling sessions, both one-on-one and/or in group
  • To participate in psychoeducational groups that cover topics such as relapse prevention and life skills.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Although many patients seem to believe that residential programmes are the only method of efficiently treating addiction, telehealth programmes are effective, particularly for assessments, online one-to-one therapy sessions and continuing care. Online therapy offers the following benefits:

Start Your Recovery-Journey Today!

At CATCH Recovery, we offer various telehealth treatment options to help our patients break the addiction cycle and overcome addictive behaviours. Get in touch today to speak to one of our admissions specialists about different options.