What is Recovery Coaching

Helps individuals develop necessary life skills to manage everyday life in recovery such as:

Recovery Coaching helps recognise unhealthy behaviours, accomplish everyday tasks, overcome fear and anxiety, setting weekly goals and strategies, providing accountability and motivation through pairing patients with someone in recovery to share their experience

Therapy vs. Recovery Coaching

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or counselling, helps individuals to gain insight into difficulties they are facing and helps individuals recognize cognitive distortions, irrational thought patterns, unconscious processes, and other such cognitive areas that typically result in emotional distress and mental health problems.

The primary difference between a therapist and a coach is that therapists tend to focus more on the past or present while recovery coaches tend to focus more on the present and the future. Therapists are often more focused on cognitions while coaches are often more focused on behaviour, achievable goals. Recovery coaches create action plans to achieve those goals, while also providing support and direction them along the way while also providing accountability and motivation.

CATCH Recovery offers in person or online therapy as well as recovery coaching as standalone or wrap around services in your bespoke outpatient treatment plan. You will discuss the best treatment program options for you with your CATCH Recovery case manager in your initial assessment.

Therapy vs. Recovery Coaching, differences are that therapy helps individuals to gain insight into difficulties, helps recognise cognitive distortions, irrational thought patterns and unconscious processes and the goal is to reduce emotional distress and mental health problems; Recovery coaching helps individuals develop lifestyle and skills to stay sober, helps recognize unhealthy behaviours, set goals and strategies, provides accountability and motivation, and the goal is to create plans to achieve goals with support and guidance


Why Would You Need It?

Recovery coaching is all about developing the practical daily life skills required to stay sober and achieve long term recovery. It is important to note that coaches are not considered clinicians, and do not treat mental health conditions so this service is for patients who feel stabilised enough in their treatment process.

What is the Process?

CATCH works with several trained and experienced recovery coaches. You will meet with your assigned coach and each session will be tailored to your individual and specific needs. A lot of people will opt to have recovery coaching sessions in addition and alongside to therapy as they are truly mutually beneficial – however CATCH also offers recovery coaching as a stand-alone service.