Outpatient rehab in London

When you are attending outpatient addiction rehab you come to CATCH Recovery during the day or in the evening for your therapy sessions and groups, and return to your home and working life outside of these sessions. For people who don’t need a detox from drugs or alcohol and have already stopped drinking or using drugs, it’s an ideal way to ensure you receive the right therapeutic tools to help you stay in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Outpatient rehab therapies we offer:

  • Group therapy – therapist-led meetings with like-minded people facilitated by a therapist exploring experiences and coping mechanisms
  • Individual CBT therapy – one-to-one sessions exploring your thought patterns, addiction triggers, mental health conditions and coping mechanisms
  • Specialised therapy – for grief and trauma
  • Complementary therapies – mindfulness and yoga

Our staff are experienced, qualified, and world-renowned specialists who strive daily to help clients overcome their addiction and build a better and happier life full of meaning.

Which type of outpatient rehab is best for me?

Outpatient rehab can vary from a few weeks up to several months, depending on how much support you need. You can attend both one-to-one and group therapy sessions as outpatients. You benefit from personalised outpatient rehab therapy during the treatment programme, according to your assessed needs and recovery goals. 

Different types of outpatient addiction therapy

When enrolled in an outpatient rehab clinic like CATCH Recovery in London, you live at home and go for rehab therapy sessions as an outpatient once or several times a week. This means you can continue to live at home and with your family, in some cases, you will be able to continue to be at work depending on the level of support you need.  

Who will be helping me at the outpatient rehab clinic?

At an outpatient rehab clinic like CATCH Recovery London, you will be supported by staff from a team of experienced, accredited therapists. 

During outpatient care, each patient goes through different stages of recovery:

Drug and alcohol detox

Outpatient rehab clinics require clients to be sober and drug-free when they start treatment. Being drug-free may involve quitting the drug and receiving backup therapy support to maintain that (if the addiction is not so severe as to need medical detox). It may also be possible to do a detox at a detox facility or hospital. When patients become alcohol or drug-free, they can begin the recovery programme.

Requirements for drug tests

Most outpatient programmes also use random urine tests and breath tests to ensure that clients are committed to staying sober and following the recovery programme. When participating in group therapy, it is common for people to be tested before each session. People who struggled to stay clean in the past, but relapsed need to show clean samples before joining the therapy group again.

How do I know if outpatient therapy is for me?

If this is your first attempt to get help for your addiction then it’s a good idea to go to an outpatient clinic, like CATCH, where you can be assessed, receive a diagnosis and discuss addiction treatment options in person. If your addiction is not so advanced as to be causing severe health problems, mood disorders and requiring medical detoxification, and your home life is relatively stable, then you may be able to live at home while visiting the outpatient addictions clinic regularly.  

Is outpatient rehab cheaper than residential rehab?

Outpatient care can have lower prices than inpatient care as it doesn’t cater for people who have complex addictions and physical or psychological complications. You save on the costs of 24/7 monitoring by nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, medical programmes, medical detoxification, accommodation, food and facilities. The programme is also much less intensive – rather than a full day of therapeutic activities, you can usually fit therapy sessions and groups around your daily life.  

People with severe addiction complicated by other co-occurring disorders and physical effects of addiction need to consider residential rehab where they will be able to undergo medically managed detoxification and live in a substance-free environment to concentrate on their treatment and recovery process. If you failed in the past to attend your outpatient rehab therapy sessions, it is better to access inpatient rehab care.

Advantages of outpatient rehab

  • Continue living at home, work and family life,
  • Greater flexibility for sessions
  • Less distance to travel from home
  • Lower cost

Disadvantages of outpatient rehab

  • Full responsibility for attending therapy sessions lies with you
  • Impossible to remove yourself from your drinking or drug use triggers
  • Homelife may be chaotic with little support
  • Work-life may continue to be stressful
  • Fitting in therapy sessions around home and work life may not be flexible
  • Daily commuting to therapy sessions
  • If you have a co-occurring mental health disorder and other problems it can be difficult to find an outpatient clinic that can offer all the support you need under one roof.

CATCH Recovery outpatient therapy packages

CATCH Recovery addiction programme offers treatment and support for various dependencies and mental health disorders. During these treatment programmes, you may have to attend group or individual therapy, specialised therapies, and complementary therapies.

Our staff are experienced, qualified, and world-renowned specialists who strive daily to help clients overcome their addiction and build a better and happier life full of meaning. At CATCH we treat patients with a primary drug and alcohol addiction, but we can also treat secondary disorders such as anxiety, depression, behavioural addictions.

At CATCH Recovery, we assess first and then shape your therapy sessions around your diagnosis and assessed needs. We cover the following disorders:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Anxiety disorders 
  • Depressive disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 
  • Other behavioural disorders

If you want to find out more information about the therapy we provide, call us today to discuss with one of our specialists the proper treatment option for your condition. We know the recovery process is a lifetime commitment, and we are here to help you along the way to find your strength and avoid relapse.

Outpatient care can treat various mental health problems such as eating disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. 

CATCH Recovery outpatient rehab therapy

Our rehab centre offers:

  • A relaxed, and safe setting
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Affordable treatment plans
  • Continuation of your everyday life and living situation
  • Locations close to convenient transport links
  • Flexible daily routine 
  • Weekend and evening appointments (when necessary)
  • Personalised treatment plans (can be modified depending on the progress made)

Choosing outpatient rehab

Finding the best-suited treatment rehab can be challenging, the options are often overwhelming, especially if you are still struggling with active addiction, or don’t have a stable home environment.

At CATCH Recovery, we have a caring, experienced team of professionals who can guide you through the rehab options available – outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab, assessments, aftercare, telehealth. CATCH Recovery offers support for those who want to begin their recovery journey surrounded by therapy experts in a drug-free environment.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Catch the gift of recovery and enjoy living a life free from drugs and alcohol, 
  • Introduce you to a new network of like-minded people who have also beaten addiction and can share their experiences with you, 
  • Help you pass on the hope to others who are struggling.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, give us a call and talk to one of our caring team members who can explain all the options to you.