What is telehealth at CATCH Recovery?

Telehealth refers to online health or therapy consultations that take place on Zoom or similar platforms such as Skype or Teams. CATCH Recovery offers Telehealth services to people who prefer not to or cannot travel to our clinic in London who need therapy for addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol, and other co-occurring disorders.

For some people travel can be a barrier to seeking help, but with CATCH Recovery’s Telehealth services we can help you break down this barrier and offer a way to begin your treatment online. 

Telehealth has been designed to offer you greater flexibility and fit in around your daily life and responsibilities. Telehealth can be as intensive as fits your needs, plus it also costs less than a residential programme, so it can save travel and the expense of inpatient treatment. If you are choosing remote outpatient services from our clinic, you can expect:

  • A full assessment at the beginning of treatment
  • To attend counselling sessions, both one-on-one and in groups
  • To participate in psychoeducational groups that cover topics such as relapse prevention and life skills.

Benefits of online therapy

Although many patients seem to believe that residential programmes are the only method of efficiently treating addiction, they discover that telehealth programmes are also effective, particularly for assessments, online one-to-one therapy sessions or aftercare therapy. Online therapy offers the following benefits:

Save time on the commute

London can be crowded, and people spend a lot of time travelling so CATCH Recovery’s telehealth program will save you both the time and frustration of dealing with traffic Telehealth eliminates the need to commute and allows you to focus on the addiction recovery process in a calm environment.

Social distancing

Seeking addiction treatment can be stressful even when not in a pandemic and our telehealth option removes that stress. Telehealth offers a completely safe and socially distanced therapeutic addiction service so you can get the treatment you need while eliminating any concerns about catching or spreading infectious viruses. Telehealth is recommended especially to those with a weak immune system, mobility issues, or other health issues that require the patient to stay at home.

Save money

You will save on the costs of the commute – petrol, congestion charges, parking, bus and train tickets. Telehealth can also save financially if you are just starting out in seeking addiction treatment and are not ready to completely commit to inpatient residential. 

Stay connected

Telehealth gives you a connection to help at the touch of a button via telephone, text message, video chat, mobile apps, and instant message.

Feel confident

Telehealth allows you to enter the recovery process with confidence and join in group therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. If you need addiction treatment and you still have questions, our team at CATCH Recovery can help.

Release stress and anxiety

People who suffer from addiction may also suffer from mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, particularly social anxiety. In some cases, social anxiety issues may prevent patients from seeking help for their addiction. CATCH Recovery Telehealth program provides a solution to ease those with anxieties into the addiction treatment process.

Avoid triggers

By entrusting your addiction treatment with CATCH Recovery clinic, you can receive treatment at home, eliminating obstacles and triggers that may prevent you from getting to your appointment.

No days off work

Visiting a treatment centre can lead to missing hours or days from your work regularly. You may also fall behind on other commitments and duties. When getting treatment for your addiction at home, you can continue living your life with little or no interruptions from the medical team.

Promotes independence

Using a telehealth addiction programme allows patients to take control of their recovery process whether they are returning from inpatient or just beginning their recovery journey. After completing the treatment programme, they will not struggle to readjust to their routine at home. 

What should you expect from a Telehealth appointment?

If this is your first time using telehealth services, then call our admissions specialist who will ll talk with you about tailored treatment options at CATCH Recovery.

Start your recovery journey today

Contact our admissions department today to talk with a specialist about our flexible and cost-effective telehealth program. At CATCH Recovery, we offer various telehealth treatment options to help our patients break the addiction cycle and overcome addictive behaviours.

Learn more about our treatment options by contacting CATCH Recovery today. Our colleagues can help you choose the right programme suited to your needs and budget by checking your health insurance eligibility.