Recovery Yoga London

Join us for recovery yoga at CATCH Recovery, London

Every Wednesday evening from 7 to 8pm 

With our accredited and trained recovery yoga coach, Louise Ward, owner of Sawston Yoga, and experienced nurse.

Yoga to help addiction recovery in London

Yoga is a relaxing technique that can help you manage stressful situations, including withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia. The practice uses physical and mental methods to focus on the part of the brain affected by alcohol or drugs and to reduce the need of consuming the substance of choice. Yoga can be more effective if used alongside therapy. 

Yoga targets people’s mental and spiritual wellbeing and helps lift your mood using breathing, meditation techniques and body postures to promote relaxation, physical and a more positive perspective about life. Yoga can help relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, and eliminate cravings.

Through yoga in our London studio, you will learn to focus on mindfulness and being in the present moment, rather than on the immediate satisfaction of your cravings.

The medical benefits of yoga

Yoga can help people with addiction by releasing endorphins. These chemicals in the brain are responsible for reducing pain and producing feelings of pleasure.

Other benefits of yoga include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Lowered resting heart rate
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved balance
  • Increased immunity

Clients in recovery who participated in yoga classes noticed improvements in self-acceptance, anger management, and self-care. 

Self-care is at the heart of this practice and can teach anyone how to become more compassionate and calmer.

Yoga during rehab

You may experience intense emotions and may feel stressed and anxious during and after therapy sessions. Stress is one of the factors that can trigger a relapse. Yoga can ease the withdrawal symptoms by releasing tension and helping individuals better cope with painful emotions. Yoga can also reduce cravings by increasing self-awareness.

When in a mindful, relaxed state, the body will not feel the need for drugs or alcohol. 

When combining yoga with a 12-Step recovery programme, people with addiction can prevent relapse, develop positive connections with persons in similar situations and improve their life coping skills.

Meet our yoga practitioner

Louise is a yoga instructor, founder of Sawston Yoga in Cambridge, and an experienced Reiki practitioner. She has also been a Registered Nurse, for 23 years within critical care in London and has experience treating patients at Castle Craig addiction rehabilitation centre.

“My yoga philosophy is based upon the principles of yoga with a strong focus on Ahisma – respecting all living things and not doing any harm to them. I want to help you connect with your inner self, bringing kindness to your mind, body and soul. Addiction yoga provides a tool to help manage the symptoms of addictions, a way to self-heal.”

Louise utilises the 12 step programme as a base for her yoga sessions, using a combination of yoga postures to bring awareness to the body. She helps her clients learn different pranayama (breathing) techniques and guides meditation to soothe and calm the mind.

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