Making the decision to attend a rehabilitation clinic can be life changing, but sometimes simply getting there can prove challenging. Sober transportation is there to help you get here as easily as possible.

Choosing to go to a rehabilitation clinic is an empowering and often exciting decision to take, but it can also be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Sober transport help minimise the stress; our drivers can help you get here safely, and can make the journey here a much more reassuring experience than travelling alone.

If you need help with packing up, or making sure your house or flat is secure before you leave home, our transport drivers can help you. And on the journey home, they can also help you get settled in, as returning to ‘normal life’ can feel quite daunting. Using this service means you don’t have to face returning home alone, and we can also arrange a check of your home, to make sure it’s free from drugs or alcohol.

Not only will this service make your transition to and from rehab as smooth as possible, but it will also give your friends and family peace of mind, without them needing to be involved in the actual logistics of transport.

Why Do I Need a Sober Transport Service?

The chunk of time in which you’re either going to, or returning from, treatment at a rehabilitation centre can be daunting, yet it plays a crucial role in your recovery.

Using a sober transport service can help mitigate the stress involved with this journey and help maximise your chances of arriving in the first place, and then maintaining your sobriety when you leave.

The drivers are all highly experienced and have safely taken numerous clients on this journey before, so they know what they are doing and will be on hand to help you with any worries or fears you experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sober Transport?

For some people, whose addiction to drug or alcohol has reached the stage requiring medical detox, it isn’t always safe for them to stop on their own. But trying to navigate to a rehabilitation centre while using drugs or alcohol can be difficult at best and dangerous at worst.

On top of that, it’s common at this stage for many friends and family to have taken a step back, meaning that getting to a rehabilitation centre becomes a logistical challenge.

Sober transport totally removes this issue as a barrier to getting sober. You’ll be safely transported, without judgement.

What Can I Expect From a Sober Transport Service?

The aim of sober transport is to create a hassle-free, low stress journey in which you are given practical and emotional support, along with encouragement, in a judgement-free zone.

You will be met wherever you are, whether that’s at your home, hotel, airport, prison or a rehabilitation centre. Your driver will then stay with you until you are settled in and safe at your new destination.

On the way home from rehab, your driver will manage the travel to totally remove that aspect of stress. They will be able to help remind you of your recovery tools to minimise the risk of relapse.

The specific service will depend on your individual requirements. For example, having money to hand can be a trigger for some people. In that case, your driver will be able to pick up anything you need to make your journey more comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about using money on your journey.

Likewise, if you need to attend a meeting or support group before going home, that can be factored into your journey too.

Sober Transport at CATCH Recovery London

Here at CATCH, we can arrange for you to be collected from home and dropped off at the clinic, and vice versa, to ensure that you arrive safely.

Our sober transport companions are fully insured and have received training to take care of you professionally and without judgement as you travel to or from rehab.

Sober Companion Service London. How Does It Work?

Once you’ve completed your program in a residential rehabilitation facility, it’s time to enter the outside world again. For many people, maintaining sobriety when they return to their normal lives can be a real challenge. Returning to the environment where you developed, on engaged in, substance abuse can be quite triggering.

This is where a sober companion comes in. A sober companion will help ease you back into your normal daily life and make the transition between rehab and home smoother. Most of the time, this means your sober companion will move in with you, like a flatmate, for an agreed period of time. Over the course of their stay with you, they’ll be on hand to support you emotionally and psychologically, to help you stay on track with your recovery and avoid a relapse.

They can also offer physical support too. For example, they can do a search of your home before you get home to remove any hidden alcohol or drugs.

Why Do I Need a Sober Companion?

Studies have found that in many cases, relapses happen because of a lack of emotional support. Loneliness can also play a key role in relapse into addiction. So, it follows that the main reason you need a sober companion is to reduce the risk of relapse.

The idea being that the emotional, psychological and practical support they offer will help increase your motivation to maintain your sobriety, as well as give you a certain level of accountability. These are the reasons that peer support groups work so well in drug and alcohol recovery, and a sober companion is essentially a more in-depth form of peer support.

People who have recovered from substance abuse know all too well that the journey to recovery is tricky. Striking out on your own and attempting to stay sober without any support network in place is asking for trouble, it’s all too easy to slip back into your addiction.

But getting help from people who have been exactly where you are right now can help. In many cases, a sober companion will have had direct experience of what you’re going through, and this mutual understanding can really help. As can seeing someone who was once where you are and who has maintained sobriety for five, ten, fifteen years. Seeing someone else’s achievement makes it feel possible. This, along with accountability and motivation, is why groups like AA are so popular (and work).

And this is why most rehabilitation treatment centres will advise you to get a sober companion upon leaving the facility. They can help you with this notoriously tricky transition period and help you rebuild your sober life in the real world.

How Does a Sober Companion Help in Addiction Recovery?

As discussed above, a sober companion can help with emotional and psychological support, but they can also offer practical help too. For example, they can help ensure there are no substances in your home. They can also take over certain responsibilities for a while, such as transporting you too and from support groups and health appointments.

A sober companion may also help you to set up your life at home to establish your new sober lifestyle. This could mean helping you to develop a sleeping routine or planning out a healthy eating schedule.

They might also help you to develop a local support network, ready for their departure. Leaving rehab can be a shock to the system for many people, the intimate nature of rehab lends itself well to peer support and often real friendships flourish. It can be useful to try and replicate this in real life, as good relationships can help with motivation and accountability.

The precise help they give will depend on your unique situation and needs; they’ll be guided by you.

To summarise, a sober companion will help you to:

  • Remove any addictive substances from your home
  • Keep an eye on your recovery and question any red flag behaviour
  • Encourage you to use the recovery tools you learned in rehab
  • Develop a range of healthy habits and routines
  • Establish a local support network

Becoming sober is about more than just detoxing and then going home. It’s necessary to look at what drove you to seek out the substance in the first place, and think about how you can avoid ending up there again. In short, the going home portion of recovery is often tough and having someone on hand to help you navigate these choppy waters is a huge help.

How Long Will I Have a Sober Companion?

The length of time will vary from person to person, but on average a sober companion will stay with you for about a month. There are no strict rules here though and you may prefer to have a sober companion stay with you, and help you navigate recovery, for longer.

Sober Companions at Catch Recovery

Here at CATCH, we can help you arrange a sober companion to live with you on your return home from our rehab programme. We’ll agree on a specified time period that is right for you, and over this timeframe your sober companion will provide you with one-on-one assistance as they help you transition from rehab to home.