At CATCH Recovery, London, we offer a variety of outpatient services to provide the highest quality rehab options to our clients. If you are unsure what type of service or treatment programme might be best-suited to your needs, you can book a 90-minute Consultation Intervention, which consists of an assessment session with one of our experts.

Therapeutic Addiction Consultation

Patients will meet (in person or virtually) with one of our dedicated assessment specialists, for an in-depth review of substance use and medical history and determine the most appropriate level of care to meet their needs. If patients require a higher level of care, our team will be happy to assist in referring them to one of our trusted partners to ensure they receive highest quality of care.

The extensive addiction assessment offered by CATCH consists of an in-depth bio-psychosocial assessment that includes the latest, evidence based diagnostic tools for substance use and mental health. At the end of the 90 minutes, the therapist will run you through your results and recommend different treatment options according to your needs.

This is a one session service to help you plan your treatment and you do not have to commit to any programmes at that point in time. A member of the CATCH team will reach out to you in the days following the consultation to discuss what you would like to do next.

Upon request, family members or partners can join the end of the assessment session, when next steps and programme options are discussed.

What Happens After the Consultation?


Following the assessment, you will be presented with different treatment options that you can choose either at CATCH or one of of our trusted partners. Once you commit to recovery, you can explore our treatment choices. While addiction treatment may vary according to the substance, a successful recovery programme includes various elements:

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab means you can stay at home during your rehab treatment. In this type of programme you travel to the clinic on certain days for your therapy or engage via Zoom. Outpatient rehab offers more freedom and flexibility than inpatient rehab and many patients continue to go to work and take care of their personal responsibilities.


If you are looking for online therapy that you can access from home, then telehealth is for you. If your assessment shows that you don’t need a more intensive form of care, telehealth can help you to build a drug-free life at a slow and steady pace. Therapists and counsellors can use an online platform for online assessments and therapy sessions as well as online group sessions and family sessions. Telehealth overcomes challenges such as distance and allows you to get proper treatment tailored to your needs and recovery goals from any location.

Inpatient Rehab

Castle Craig Hospital

CATCH can facilitate residential programs at our sister locations in Ireland and Scotland. Call us today for more information about our sister residential care programmes: Castle Craig and Smarmore Castle. If you or someone that you love is living with addiction, the first step toward recovery is to ask for professional support that you can trust. 

Continuing Care

We are dedicated to helping you complete the recovery process once you have left treatment, by providing continuing care to support you on the new chosen path and help you maintain sobriety. CATCH provides all continuing care for patients returning home from all Castle Health sister facilities and treats continuing care as an essential building block of sustained recovery. Continuing care can be critical to help recovering users prevent relapse and remain on the path of sobriety. During CATCH’s continuing care programme, the patient can attend individual or group therapy sessions to keep their recovery on track. The behavioural therapy provided by CATCH can help you understand the causes of addiction, improve relationships, and help you learn healthy coping techniques.

Returning From Residential Rehab

When you leave residential rehab, your journey has only just begun. It can be a daunting experience, coming back to your home, your family and friends and work colleagues, especially when some of them may not even know you have had treatment for addiction. Relapse can happen, and it often does, but at CATCH Recovery, we aim to minimise the chance of that, by offering a fully integrated continuing care package that will help ensure long-lasting recovery. 

For more information or to book an assessment get in touch with us today.