An intervention is sometimes needed when someone facing addiction does not or cannot acknowledge their need for treatment, and loved ones feel it is necessary to step in. It can often be an emotional and difficult decision, but the hope is that the patient will accept help and enter a treatment facility after the intervention takes place. Recent research shows that an intervention for substance dependence is one of the most successful ways of breaking down denial and helping people struggling with addiction find recovery.


What Happens During an Intervention?

There will be an initial assessment carried out by a CATCH team member to assess the background of the patient, the type of intervention required e.g. in-person or telehealth, the mental health history and medications of the patient. We will then connect you with our interventionist who will meet with the family over Zoom several times beforehand to establish the most appropriate and effective plan for encouraging the patient into treatment.

The interventionist is an experienced professional who specialises in helping patients to find treatment for addiction and instructing friends and family members how to effectively participate in the intervention.

What Happens After an Intervention?

After the intervention, if a patient agrees to enter treatment then we will connect you with the admissions team of either of our residential rehabs, Castle Craig in Scotland, Smarmore Castle in Ireland, or another appropriate treatment centre, to begin the admissions process quickly. The desired treatment facility for admission will be discussed beforehand so that steps can be taken to ensure swift entry to the treatment centre.

Admission to Inpatient Treatment

CATCH will organise transport to and facilitate admission for you or your loved one following the intervention. At the inpatient facility, you will be assessed by the admissions and clinical team and a treatment plan will be devised according to your needs.

Residential rehab is the most intensive form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment available, and typically involves staying at a clinic for the duration of your programme. While every facility is different, most rehabs are focused on abstinence, and patients can stay from four weeks to six months depending on the severity of their addiction.

Call us today for more information about our intervention services. If you or someone that you love is living with addiction, the first step toward recovery is to ask for professional support that you can trust.